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Dear Powerlifting Friends!

European people as well as people Worldwide face a hard time now!

Most countries have closed their borders and people face strict restrictions in their movement and behaviour not to spread out the Corona virus.

People lose their jobs and face economic crises. It feels more or less similar to a war situation and the invaders are invisible but strong.

No one can tell how long this state of emergency will last but we all fear this will take months – may be many months.

Sport like powerlifting is important for you and me but compared to life or death it is insignificant. Now focus is to manage the daily life and take care of family and friends.

It is not up to me or the EPF EC board right now to tell you exactly what championships will be organized in 2020. As long as training facilities are closed, people are not able to prepare and only the Authorities in each country may decide about movements across the borders.

Listening to doctors and health authorities, my impression is that the Corona threat will last throughout 2020 – but what restrictions will be maintained or even new implemented will only time show.

EPF EC discusses the situation daily and we evaluate if the cancelled European equipped championships in Denmark shall be organized in August or not and we evaluate if the European Masters equipped championships in Finland (in July) and the European classic BP championships in Lithuania (in August) are possible to be organized. Decisions have to be made and you will all be informed within few weeks.

For the moment, the most important is to manage our daily life. The governments have given rules to follow and it is extremely important to be loyal to the rules. Only by a common effort are we able to fight the invaders and come back to a normal life.

Take care of yourselves and your families and people around you! This is a time for compassion and care.

European powerlifting will survive and we will be back as strong as before when the normal life is restored!

Good luck to you all!

Best regards


Arnulf Wahlstrøm President European Powerlifting Federation

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